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Crystal Clear Window Washing began in Chicago and moved to Cedar Rapids in 2006.  Our vision is to provide quality service, at a competitive price.  For years, we have been a family owned and operated business, serving Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas.  We have over twenty years of professional experience. Your trust is important to us.  Our experts are courteous and respectful.  Fully insured, so you are in safe hands with us!  We look forward to serving your needs, and remember, “It’s not just clear, it’s Crystal Clear.” 

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Having professionals service your windows regularly is essential to prevent hard water stains.  If you wait too long for service, the sun can bake hard water into your windows, to a point that is no longer cleanable.  This could cause you to have to replace the window entirely.

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Crystal Clear has you covered!  Our professionals are careful, experienced, and knowledgeable in the trade.  Your windows are important to us.

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Stop the unwanted buildup and prevent future damage to your windows now!  Give us a call or email us at your convenience.

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