Window Washing


Crystal Clear Window Washing began in Chicago and moved to Cedar Rapids in 2006.  We began with the vision of providing quality service, at a competitive price.  For years, we have been a family owned and operated business, serving Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas.  With over twenty years of professional experience, we operate a respectful, service minded, and a timely business.  We look forward to serving your needs, and remember, “It's not just clear, it’s Crystal Clear.” 



 We understand having someone working on your home is a big deal.  You want someone you can trust and get the job done right.  Our goal is to treat you and your home with the respect that you deserve.  Crystal Clear has lasting relationships with many home owners. Call, or email us for a FREE ESTIMATE, and get a custom clean that fits your exact specifications!  Call or email us today!



Make your business sparkle!  Whether it be your windows, building or awnings, we know that a first impression is key to your customers.  Cleanliness says a significant amount about the quality of your business.  Do you have time to clean your own windows?  Can you depend on your employees to give you clean windows, without a haze?  You can trust Crystal Clear to serve you, at the particular schedule you desire. Call, or email us today for a FREE ESTIMATE!  We look forward to serving you.

Pressure Washing


Do you have mold build-up on the side of your business or home? We have you covered! With our gear and team of professionals, Crystal Clear will get this cleaned up in no time!

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Does your business or home have awnings?  We can clean those, too!  Awnings get dirty, just like your windows.  Green mold that builds up can come off and your awnings will look just like new.

Gutter Cleaning



Getting on your roof is difficult and dangerous.  We have the necessary skills and experience to handle the job.

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